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Estoy traduciendo mi currículum al inglés. No sé cómo traducir el término "director de tesis".
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    Welcome to the forums, gemmaurrea.
    That phrase is Thesis director (or, if it is a doctoral dissertation, more common in U.S. for the doctorate), dissertation director. (see this thread)
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    That thread only briefly mentions the term in the context of another query.

    Dissertation director is fine, although the terms sponsor and advisor (or adviser) are found at different universities.

    También se puede decir «asesor de tesis» en castellano.
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    I think the most general term would be "thesis adviser" since two types of advisers for a thesis can be a "thesis sponsor" and "thesis director".

    "thesis director" sounds more important than "thesis adviser" to me

    some programs say that your "thesis sponsor" is your primary thesis adviser

    I read once that "adviser" is used more often than "advisor", I think 5 times more often, although both are considered to be spelled correctly (by at least some dictionaries)

    So you have some options, hope that helps with narrowing down what you think would work best for you :)


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    "Thesis supervisor" is what we say in the UK - or just "supervisor" (we'd only add "thesis" if the context is unknown).
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