Direktgang / Schongang

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I'm translating a text about a gearbox and I have some trouble with these words: "Direktgang" and "Schongang". Can anyone please help me? Thank you in advance!! :)

  • Ralf

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    Hello Lala.

    As far as I know and as far as vehicles or automobiles are concerned, "Direktgang" would be "driving gear" or "driven gear" while "Schongang" can be referred to as "cruising gear" or "overdrive" in English.

    Unfortunately I'm not an expert in mechanics. Hope I'm correct so far.



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    Direct gear (Direktgang) is specifically the gear ratio of 1:1, and overdrive gears or "overdrive" (deutsch Schongang oder Overdrive) are ratios of less than 1:1. Direct gear seems to typically be fourth gear in autos/1/. For German language definitions, see "Direktgang" and "Overdrive" (= Schnell- oder Schongang) in the list, Antrieb von A bis Z, http://www.oldtimer-markt.de/__C125...cleIDsorted/~E70DDA2368C69444C1256CA800568607
    This site is probably a good candidate for the German Forum Resource list.

    Overdrive is typically the one used for cruising (hence the German term Reisegang, "cruising gear"), but I've just found out thru Google searches that they are logically distinct. Transmissions (gearboxes UK) can have more than one overdrive /2/. Conversely, sometimes you cruise in 4th or "top" gear /3/. Some transmissions don't have any overdrives /4/. So the best translation of Schongang is overdrive /3, 4/.

    /1/ from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_transmission
    Manual transmissions are often equipped with 4, 5, or 6 forward gears. Nearly all have exactly one reverse gear. In three or four speed transmissions, in most cases, the topmost gear is "direct", i.e. a 1:1 ratio. For five speed or higher transmissions, the highest gear is usually an overdrive gear, with a ratio of less than 1:1.

    /2/ from http://www.landlinemag.com/Archives/1999/sept_oct99/diesels.html
    My next question to Eaton was, "With the large gap [gap in gear ratios?] between direct and overdrive gears, how much of a drop in speed will there be when pulling a mountain in direct vs. overdrive?" As it turns out, there is another overdrive gear in this transmission that is a .86 [0.86:1] and is only to be used for pulling hills (not cruising on the level, as the transmission can overheat). Do not spec "specify", designate the truck to use the .86 overdrive gear as a cruising gear. Use the .73 gear for cruising in level terrain. Eaton does not consider this transmission a double overdrive 18 speed even though there are two overdrive gears.

    /3/ from http://www.dynamike.net/CyberC/RideIt.htm

    Here's my guide to the best use of the various gears [discussing Harleys]:
    5th is best used for relaxed cruising or high speed riding on motorways and so on. As a cruising gear, 5th is best used for speeds of 50mph and upwards. Remember also that a lower gear will normally result in faster and safer overtaking manoeuvres.
    4th is best used for low speed cruising or making fast progress along interesting country roads. Most European specification Harleys are a bit overgeared in top, as this helps them to get through the very stringent German noise regulations. . . .

    from http://www.rover-freunde.de/rffzl091en.html:

    Four forward speeds and reverse, with syncromesh engagement for 2nd, 3rd and top gears. A central direct gear change lever is designed to leave the front floor of the car unobstructed.
    Overdrive is fitted as standard equipment but cars without overdrive can be supplied if specially required.
    Gear ratios: Overdrive 0.778 : 1; Top, 1.0 : 1; 3rd, 1.377 : 1; 2nd, 2.043 : 1; 1st, 3.376 : 1; Reverse 2.968 :1.



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    Excellent job, Dale! By the way here you can find a glossary of automative terms in English. According to this source "Direktgang" is referred to as "direct drive".

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