dirigente dell'Area della Didattica

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Hello, I'm still trying to translate this list of university exams!!
I'm almost at the end now and have got to the signatures at the bottom.
One of them is the "dirigente dell'area della didattica"
Does anybody know what this might be?
I thought it could be something like "Head of department" but I may be way off.
Thanks for any help,
  • Hello!

    I'm not sure, but please take care of this >

    You could say : (He's) the Boss(or head) of the didactics department. Or >
    (He's) the Boss(or head) of the didactics zones.


    Ps: I hope that somebody is going to help you better as I did!
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    Depends on the institution.
    I've found "head of didactic department", "didactic area manager", "head of didactics"....:)


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    UK English

    I would say "Head of the Teaching Department" or "Head of Teaching ( for the Area)

    Any other ideas?
    Hello and thanks to all of you!!
    I think you all (in your own way) have confirmed my original thought of Head of Department.
    When I went to uni in the UK we had heads of department, but there was no head of teaching. Seeing as this is an Italian University and the student studied neurobiology in the biology department, I think head of dept should be fine. I just wanted to know that I wasn't way off the mark.
    Thanks again to all of you for your help:),
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