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I need you help, I have two email address and one is not longer in use right now, I need to let to our customers know about it. Can I say....

"my other email address is going to be disable?" is correct to use disable for email address?
  • claudita6

    México, español
    Hi Elitas!

    I don't see any reason why you should not (or cant) use this word, however I think it soind better if you say that " This Email Address is no longer in use"...

    lets see what people think...


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    I would use some form of "active".

    These addresses are no longer active: xxxxxxx.com and yyyyyyyy.com. Please use our current address: zzzzzzz.com


    xxxxxxx.com and yyyyyyy.com are currently inactive. Please use our current address: zzzzzz.com.


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    Welcome to the forum, Elitas!

    I think Packard has the ideal solution for you, since you say the old address is not in use "right now" but apparently still exists. "Inactive" (rather than "dead" or "disabled") lets you revive it if you wish to do so.
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