disagree/didn't listen

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1. I suggested cutting the budget, but the leader disagreed.

2. I suggested cutting the budget, but the leader didn’t listen. (Self-made sentence)

What is the difference between "disagreed" and "didn't listen"? Does #2 implies that the writer felt angry ?
  • Myridon

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    The first one suggests that the leader actively and directly opposed your suggestion. He said, "No, you're wrong." or something like that.
    The second one suggests the leader didn't cut the budget.
    Neither wording suggests anger without more context.


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    If the leader didn't listen, he or she could not have agreed or disagreed.

    The leader can only agree or disagree if he or she had heard what you said.


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    It is implied in the first sentence that the leader at least considered the suggestion, while in the second one, the leader didn't even listen to the suggestion of cutting the budget. Therefore, there is a semantic difference, because didn't listen is synonymous with ignore, disregard, neglect, etc. To confirm whether the writer was angry or not in the second sentence, some context is required.
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