Disaster cake

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Timoshentsia, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Hi Timoshentsia

    My own reaction is that "disaster cake" was invented for the song, on the lines of "Christmas cake" (special cake you eat at Christmas) or "birthday cake" (cake made to celebrate a birthday).

    I may be wrong - others may have heard the term before:).
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    "Disaster Cake" is not a set phrase or idiom. It's meaning here is that the path (not a literal path) that the person is starting to head down is such a bad idea that it's going to be a disaster in every way. Even the food will be disastrous.

    It's not a good lyric, in my opinion.

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    The lyrics just as easily could have been:

    "Babe you're heading on a journey
    I hate to see you tread
    'cause the only food they sell there
    Is called Disaster Bread"

    It's just another hideous (my opinion), pop music, "fill-in-a-word that rhymes" lyric that makes me change the station. :)

    I'd not put too much stock into it's meaning; this is far from a "deep" song with any significance. (again, my opinion) ;)
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    You will find, with a word search, that the actual term "disaster cake" is never said in that blog. The only return will be "key search words" of disaster + cake. Most likely they said their cake was a disaster. Not a "disaster cake" exactly. ;)

    The author calls the title (and subsequent URL) "disaster cake" but never actually refers to "a disaster cake". It's just a fun play on words to evoke a meaning that any native would understand; though it is not a "real" thing.

    Go to any bakery in an English speaking country. Ask for a "disaster cake". They will give you a very odd stare. ;)

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