disclosive, non-disclosive

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    disclosive, non-disclosive

    Your definition or explanation:
    Disclosive data may lead to the identification of a specific individual.
    Non-disclosive data conceals the identity of the individual to which it relates.
    See examples.

    First seen in this note:
    Sequence no. will be unique within each ... site, so when combined with the 5 digit site reference number will generate a unique (but non-disclosive) id.
    [Slightly modified and source deliberately withheld.]

    Other examples are from the quite small list offered by Google.

    All data must be non-disclosive (i.e. must not lead to the identification of an individual business). All figures will, therefore, be rounded and where the count deemed to be disclosive and employment/employees/turnover are shown the employment/employees/turnover will be removed. Where we remove one in a row or column another will be removed to avoid disclosure by deduction.

    As a starting point in working towards this goal, WP10 is conducting a country-by-country study of present-day access arrangements to official national and European microdata, distinguishing non-disclosive data from confidential disclosive data, and aiming to identify barriers to access for researchers in each case.

    One or more places you have seen the term:
    See links given above.

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes ____ No ___
    I looked in the OED and in the WR dictionary.
    No sign of it as a head word, though I found one example of disclosive in a quotation:
    2000 B. L. McCormack in A. Hastings et al. Oxf. Compan. Christian Thought 65/2 When God incarnates himself, no change is effected in the divine being. The economic Trinity therefore becomes wholly disclosive of what God truly is in and for himself.
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