Disclosures (not disclaimers) and ground rules

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    Hello. I'd like to ask the best way to translate "Disclosures and Ground Rules" for a group discussion done by a research team.

    One of the sub-headings of the 'guide' that they'll be using precisely says "Disclosures and Ground Rules". I know 'ground rules' is 'normas básicas', but what about disclosures? Revelaciones? Somehow I'm not convinced that that is correct. Please help. Thanks
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    Hello zonryza! --

    My opinion is different from yours, because I think a "rule" is a "regla" and as a rule; it's mandatory. You must obey the rules!
    Unlike "normas", because you can obey or disobey "normas" in general. It's up to you to choose wisely!

    If you're referring to a certain research team, a "disclosure" is:

    In summary, "Disclosures and ground rules" could be "reglas básicas y declaraciones", but this is just my assumption.

    I hope this helps. :)
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    Hola whizard, entiend lo que quieres decir. Norma no sería la mejor opción porque es como un 'principio' (principle)....lo cual deja margen para flexibilidad en su cumplimiento. Entonces, concuerdo que REGLA es la mejor opción.

    También, declaración es lo que pensaba usar, varios me lo habían sugerido, pero quería la opinión de los expertos de wordreference para confirmar. Gracias mil.

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