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Hi! I need to know what the English for the people who work as security personnel in a disco is. I mean to refer to those men who have strong muscles and are supposed to take care of the safety of people inside the disco, for instance, by preventing drunk men from starting fights and that kind of stuff. I do not mean to refer to "body-guards". Thank you!
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    Hi Martin. I suppose the safest term to use in the UK is security (as in "If you don't stop dancing on my foot I'm going to call security"). If I wanted to refer to one on his own I'd call him a security man/guy/bloke.

    Terms may differ slightly in the USA and elsewhere.

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    "Bouncing" in late to say that ewie is correct. "Bouncer" is the universal term in AE for the large gentlemen who stand at the doors of nightclubs and popular bars, letting in or keeping out would-be patrons, breaking up fights, throwing out unruly drunks, and generally enforcing the rules of the establishment and maintaining the chaos at a manageable level. A very elegant club might have a doorman, whose only role is to admit or refuse patrons, but nightclubs of the type that we used to call discos have bouncers.
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