discolored by spilled life

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Hi everybody

Need your help.

Dean Koontz’ half fantastic, half realistic novel “Forbidden Door”. An influential cabal greedy for power invented a nanoimplant to make people slaves. It is forcefully injected into blood and then forms a web around the brain making people obedient servants of the cabal. But sometimes things go wrong, and injected people go mad and violent. And here is one of them, who after injection cruelly killed his family, blood and gore everywhere. He is a seventeen years old guy, and he is now sitting in an armchair zip-tied hands and legs. Here is his portrait:

His blond hair is discolored by spilled life of others, stiff and matted and spiked.

I understand that his is a fashionable among youths hair dress, but what did the author mean by “discolored by spilled life of others”?

Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the forum KGA. It sounds like his hair is full of blood: spilled life of others, i.e. other people's blood/gore.
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