discorsi chiari e mai ex-cattedra


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Here's another expression from a sentence I've already posted in a different thread. Writing a critique of another author's work, the writer is:

" imbarazzato dalla intelligenza non paludata del testo, dalla chiarezza non museale dei concetti, dalla brevità e rigorosità dei capitoli, dai discorsi chiari e mai “ex cattedra”, dalla virginale trasparenza dei contenuti."

I have two questions:
1. Does "discorsi" mean the topics or the style of the language?
2. How to translate "ex-cattedra" - formal? overly intellectual? something else?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions:)
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    Garzanti states: 1 (dell'insegnante) desk / montare, salire in -, (fig.) to pontificate (o fam. to get on one's soapbox)
    ex/former pontificator
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    Thank you all. Every one of your ideas has helped clarify the question for me. Although I'd love to use "ex-cathedra", I think baldpate's "dogmatic" works better in this particular sentence.

    "....the clear and never dogmatic language"

    What do you think?:)
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