discourse of securitization

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Promote a right-based migration policy based on a more efficient responsibility-sharing system and improved harmonization of protection’s standards among Member States which the mechanisms that are in place now such as the Dublin system and FRONTEX missions fail to ensure. Also, by
deconstructing the discourse of securitization of borders, which is the basis for the multiplication of dangers on the migratory routes into EU and for strengthening the smuggling networks.
What could be meant please by "discourse of securitization" in this context?
Source: European Neighborhood Policy
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    It's the arguments put forward about the need to strictly control borders because of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration. (As oppose to a discourse that says e.g. that the demographic problem in Europe is so acute that restrictions should be relaxed or even abolished.)

    When extremely strict border controls are enforced, immigrants and people-smugglers are forced to choose illegal and consequently dangerous routes into the EU.

    I found the document here (page 12)

    Edit: To answer the question more specifically, the "discourse of securitization" is the way that the problem has been presented and discussed exclusively as a question of borders and national security: the issue (which is more complex and could be approached from other angles) has been "securitized".
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