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Spanish - Argentina
Hi! I have a question: is it ok to say "A remarkable discourse was generated around this work"? (by discourse I mean "written or spoken communication" in a wide sense).

Thanks again!
  • lucas-sp

    Senior Member
    English - Californian
    Well, I hate the passive construction. I would really prefer something like "this work provoked a remarkable..." or "a remarkable discourse crystallized around this work..."

    And in general, "discourse" doesn't mean much. You could say, for instance, "a remarkable critical discourse," and then it would sound much better (change "critical" to whatever best specifies the discourse you're discussing). (Or "This work set off a remarkable and wide-ranging discussion," but even then I would prefer "...discussion in Victorian London.")

    This might be too general-proofread-y, but I mainly just want to comment on what parts of the sentence stick out as not sounding right or appropriate for academic-ish prose in English.
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