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I have difficulty translating the word "discourse" used in this sentence:

"I acquired something of a reputation, the Englishman who knew the discourse of all faiths, who could arguewith any monk or imam, padre or priest on any philosophical topic they could raise as long as it pertained to the immortal soul."

(source: Claire North: The first fifteen lives of Harry August)

I know what is meant, but cannot find a proper equivalent in my language (Czech). So far I´ve managed to come up with these:
1. nature, essence
2. argumentation, line of reasoning
3. language - in a sense: what each faith has to say

Would you opt for any of the three, or for any other?

Thanks for any kind of help.

  • owlman5

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    I think "argumentation, line of reasoning" makes sense here. If he knows the discourse of all faiths, he knows what lines of reasoning or argumentation that practitioners use when they are talking about why their different versions of religion are correct.
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