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    Hi, I am working on a file for Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, but I couldn't understand exactly what they mean by "discover tennis and family experience". Are they services offered by the hotel? If so, do they mean by "discover tennis" to learn tennis, and by "family experience" that the whole family can play tennis?

    Tennis courts

    The Mina has four floodlit tennis courts. Tailor made tennis lessons or group tuition, discover tennis and family experience are all available.

    Source: (under leisure tab)

    Thank you.
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    At first reading I thought it was simply badly written English, but since the English in the rest of the site seems pretty good, it must be deliberate. I'm guessing, therefore, that Discover Tennis and Family Experience are tennis tuition courses. If you capitalise them like I've done, it seems plausible.
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    I think heypresto is right on two counts: 1) it's badly written, and 2) it probably refers to tennis programs the hotel offers.

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