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  1. Hello, I need to say that in the contact center industry the distinction between high quality and low quality jobs is currently based on two aspects:
    1) the degree of freedom of decision enjoyed by the worker in performing his/her tasks;
    2) the level of monitoring to which he/she is subjected.
    I want to summarize this saying "high quality job means more discretionality, less monitoring; low quality job means less discretionality, more monitoring".
    My doubt is that I am not sure I can use "discretionality" properly here, in English. I don't see this term often used, outside written works, mainly by non-natives, and I am afraid my native language (Italian) could interfere here.
    Is discretionality correct here (or is it English at all)? Is there any better single word for expressing this same concept?
    Thank you very much.
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    I would say discretion.

    I believe that is what you want 'discretionality' to mean. (It's not a word I would ever use.)
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    "discretionality" is a horrible word in my opinion. I have never heard it before and it sounds like the worst of business jargon.

    Perhaps you could give some examples of how an employee would demonstrate discretionality. Would they take on more responsibility for their decisions for example?
  4. Thank you Cagey, this is exactly the word I need!

    I didn't know discretion has more meanings in English, I only knew it in the sense of a "social" skill... I won't make mistakes from now on!
  5. To tell the truth, i have read discretionality in Human Resources literature, but always from Italian, French of Spanish authors, never from a native speaker, neither I've heard it in any public speech...

    Yes, the idea behind what I want to say is the degree in which a contact center operator can decide the type of answer to give to the customer, how much time to dedicate to a certain contact, when to close the contact or escalate it to the next level, and so on. I think I can say that discretion (the word I was looking for) entails responsibility.

    Thank you!

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