discrimination and bribery are/is


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Hi all, I have this sentence in mind:

Discrimination and bribery were and still are concerns in our society.
Discrimination and bribery was and still is a concern in our society.

Should I use a singular or plural verb here? I'm not sure if discrimination and bribery should be considered a group.

Many thanks.
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    The way I see it, you have "and," so you're already separating them and not considering them to be one group.

    I would choose "were ... are."


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    Oh, I see. No, it isn't like that. "Fish and chips" is the name of an actual thing. I think that use of "and" is very uncommon for concepts, but let's keep an eye out! ^_^


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    Discrimination and bribery are widely separated concepts - like cell phones and airplanes.

    They are not "packaged" together like fish and chips, ham and eggs, gin and tonic, bubble and squeak, etc. :)
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    I agree. Although they're more closely connected, it still isn't logical to lump them together grammatically as a single entity.
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