discrimination or fairness

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What is meant by 'discrimination or fairness' in this phrase:
Rennick and other payment processing companies that have worked with the online casinos and internet poker sites are concerned about the US Federal indictments being applied without discrimination or fairness – it’s seemingly arbitrary.

It's from a report about the hunt by the US government for processing companies.

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    Fairness = being fair or just

    Discrimination can be a good thing if one uses it in a good way – in choices, for example. He has a discriminating taste in … (whatever). He makes good choices. In this case (in the report), it is saying that indictments are being issued or applied unfairly and without consideration as to which companies should be indicted.


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    It may be helpful to look at the Merriam-Webster definitions for discrimination:

    We tend to think first of definition #3:
    a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment <racial discrimination>

    But look at this definition.
    2 : the quality or power of finely distinguishing

    As you can see, to say that something was done without discrimination, indiscriminately, could be a negative comment.
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