Disculpa por no haberte escrito antes

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  1. pintover Senior Member


    Cuál es la correcta traducción de:
    Disculpa por no haberte escrito antes (es decir no haberle mandado un correo electronico antes)

    I´m sorry for not sending you an e-mail before

    Muchas gracias
  2. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    I'm sorry I haven't responded to your e-mail sooner. (too formal)
    I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
    I'm sorry for not emailing you sooner.
    I would say: Sorry I took so long to answer you.
  3. pintover Senior Member

    humm that´s great. Thank you so much
  4. aztlaniano

    aztlaniano Senior Member

    Lavapiestán, Madrid
    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    That's good.
    A little more formally: Please forgive/excuse me for not writing sooner.

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