Disculpa que no te escribí antes...


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hola todo gente bonita! see... no puedo hablar espanol!! so could you pretty please translate this letter for me?

:) muchas gracias!:)

Hola Sai como estas?

Disculpa que no te escribi antes pero estabamos viajando por Bagan y por la
costa oeste y no habia internet.
Nosotros pasamos el Anio Nuevo en Bagan y fue muy lindo.Varias veces
deciamos "lo que se perdio Sai" ja! asi que ya quedo como algo clasico.

Como estan las cosas por tu casa? mejor?
Cuidate y te recordamos mucho.Acordate que cuando puedas o quieras continuar
este viaje u otro estoy siempre a tus ordenes ok?

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    Here you are:

    Hello Sai how are you?

    Sorry for not writing before but we were travelling around Bagan and the west coast and there was no internet.
    We spent New Years in Bagan and it was very nice. Several times we said "what Sal missed out on", ha! And it stuck as a classic.

    How are things at home? Better?
    Take care and we think about you a lot. Remember that when you can or want to continue this journey or another we are at your orders ok?



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    Wales, English
    muchas muchas gracias lori... eres fantasica!

    please could someone translate my reply into spanish

    i would really appreciate it...

    Happy New Year to you too Andres!

    I'm feeling a little bit better now thank you, how are you all?
    That sounds like so much fun, sorry i missed out, ha! :p but i was happy to be there for my family, my cousins were especially pleased to see me, and my grandma much appreciated it.

    Thank you very much for your kind and generous offer, however, for now, i would just like to be around my family and stay close to home, we're even talking about me moving in with my grandmother as she needs help, and has not realised my grandfather probably won't come out of hospital, she's still talking about him coming home! :-(

    Thank you so much for everything... enjoy the rest of your stay, say hi to everyone and send big hugs from me,

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