disculpa que no te habia respondido

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  1. ra613 Senior Member

    Can you correct my English translaton and add the missing words please?

    disculpa que no te habia respondido no me habia dado cuenta de tu mensaje , e tenido mucho trabajo y casi no entro en el website tengo niños un varon y un par de gemelas , y el varon y una de las gemelas los tenia interno en la clinica que trabajo ya te puedes imaginal como tenia mi mente solo enfocada en mis niños pero espero pronto tu repuesta y q este bien cuidate mucho besos .

    English translation

    Excuse for not responded to you.. ----------------------- your message, and I had a lot of work and almost I do not enter in website. I -------------------------, and the male and one of the twins had -----internal in the clinic ---- worked already you can image ----my mind only focused in my children but I wait soon you to request -------- and good look after kisses.
  2. Quieta Leona Senior Member

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    My contribution (not literal):

    "My apologizes for not having responded, I hadn´t notice your message, I´ve had a lot of work and I very seldom enter in website. I have three children, a boy and twin girls. My boy and one of the twins have been at the same hospital where I work, so you can imagine that I was only focused on my children but I look forward to your reply. Take care. Kisses."
  3. Paul Clancy Senior Member

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    I will write the translation as a mother tongue English person would write it.
    Apologies for not responding to your message but I don't access the web much and was unaware that you had written to me. With my son and one of my twin girls ill and at the clinic where I work you can imagine that my mind was completely focused on my children. I hope you are well and that I will hear from you soon. Take care. Kisses
  4. Dudu678

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    ra613, please be aware that there are some spelling and grammar mistakes in the original text. Don't worry too much if you couldn't get everything.

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