1. mojorisinII Senior Member

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what the following Spanish phrase means in english: disculpa por no responderte antes pero es que ha tenido unos cambios la pagina y no sabia manejar algunas cosas aun, seguiremos en contacto

    Here's my attempt at trying to figure it out. Please let me know what I'm missing or got wrong. Muchas gracias: I apologize for not responding earlier but there have been changes to the page and I don't no how to manage certain things, we'll stay in contact
  2. mariente Banned

    Buenos Aires
    Español, Argentina (somewhere in the planet Urban)
    Para mí está bien!
    Pero es I don´t know
  3. coquis14

    coquis14 Senior Member

    Entre Macrilandia/Chamamélandia
    Español ,Argentina
    Your translation is quite good.
  4. guiri_luchando Member

    Valencia - España
    ENGLISH - England

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