Disculpe o Disculpa ??

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  1. Cruizin Member

    If I want to say "Excuse me" as in "Excuse me, Sir! I'd like one of those.", like I'm trying to get someone's attention, which is better to use, Disculpe o Disculpa? and what's the difference?
  2. kEnIa Senior Member

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    Disculpe is more formal, if you talk to someone you don't know ...
    Disculpa is a little bit more informal, or it's used if the person you're talking to is young...
    Hope it helps...
  3. Gerson

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    Mexican Spanish
    saying "Dusculpe" is kind of a sign of respect... so if you're not familiarized with that person, you haven't a daily life together with him/her, or he/she is noticeably older than you are, you must use "Disculpe".
    But otherwise, if that person is a familiar of you, a very good friend or is just younger, you can use "Disculpa" (is a little more common, that's the difference)
    I hope that helps
    [please correct any grammatical or graphic error I could have]
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    Totally agree with you guys :)
  5. ascii88 Member

    Disculpe es formal:

    Disculpe señor. Quisiera uno de esos.

    Disculpa es informal:

    Disculpa. Me darías uno de esos.

    En una oración informal no queda bien usar la palabra señor, por eso no está.
  6. Cruizin Member

    Muchisimas gracias a todo!
  7. Cruizin Member

    Muchisimas gracias a todo!

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