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Hello, finally I'm about to finish my article with your help!
I'm not sure if "via" sounds OK in the sentence below.

Anticonvulsant property of melatonin was demonstrated in both animal models and clinical trials, and discussed not only via melatonin levels in patients with epilepsy, but also via response to melatonin treatment.

Thank you.
  • Gucchy

    Ok let me explain. In the articles the last part is the discussion where you discuss your results by supporting them with the other similar studies. And in my sentence I was trying to say that in other studies antiepileptic property of melatonin was discussed/supported by/via/upon (I don't know) how the patients responded to melatonin treatment.
    I hope I made it more clear :(


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    Then I think discussed isn’t really what you mean either. Would it make sense to say that the results were confirmed by those of other studies in terms of both melatonin levels in patients with epilepsy and patients’ responses to melatonin treatment?
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