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Over the course of some time I have been building up a list of French interjections, sounds and other filled pause expressions. I thought it might be useful to others if I shared this list with you. Does anyone know of any others to add to this list?

This might be something that could be built up in a glossary. I don't have Excel on my computer to do it though.

Achoum! – Atishoo! (a sneeze)
Ah! – Ah!
Aïe! – Ouch! Ow!
Alors! – Well!
Argh! – Argh!
Badaboum! – Crash!
Bah! – Pah! Nonsense! Fiddlesticks! Rubbish! My foot! You don’t say so!
Ben! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
Berk! – Yuk!
Beurk! – Yuck!
Bof! – Hmmm! I don’t know. Not so good.
Bouh! – Boo!
Boum boum! – bang bang!
Ça alors! – Well! Just think of that!
Chut! – Shhh! Hush!
Clac! – Smack! Thwack!
Crac! – Crack!
Eh! – Eh!
Eh bien – Well
Eh bien, alors! – Well, then!
Eh oui – I’m afraid so
Euh! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
Flac! – Splash!
Glouglou – Glug glug, Gurgle gurgle
Ha! – Ah!
Haha! – Ah-ha!
Ha ha! – Ha ha!
Hein! – Eh! What?
Hé! – Hay!
Heu! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
Hi, hi – Boo-hoo!
Hic! – Hick! Hiccup!
Hip! Hip! Hourra! – Hip! Hip! Hooray! (Hurrah!)
Hmm! – Umph!
Hourra! – Hooray! Yay! Hurrah!
Hum! – Umph!
Ma foi! – Well!
Miam miam! – Yum yum!
Mon Dieu! – My God!
Ô! – Oh!
Ouah! – Pfworr! Wow!
Ouf! – Phew!
Oh là là! - Wow!
Oh là là là là! – Uh oh! Oh dear!
Ouille! – Ow! Ouch!
Ouin! Ouin! – Wah! Wah! (baby crying)
Pan pan! – Bang-bang! (Gunshot)
Patati patata – Blah blah blah!
Patatras! – Crash!
Peuh! – Poo! (What a stink!)
Pinpon pinpon– Ner-nah ner-nah (siren on police car, fire-engine, ambulance)
Pouah! – Poo! (What a stink!)
Plouf! – Splash!
Sacrebleu! – Damn!
Sacredié ! – Damn!
Sacredieu! – Damn!
Tac tac! – knock knock!
Tant pis! = never mind! It can’t be helped!
Tic-tac – tick-tock
Toc-toc! – knock-knock!
Tratata! – Pah! Rubbish! Fiddlesticks!
Youpi! – Hooray! Hurrah! Goodie!
Vlan! V’lan! – Whack! Thwack! Slap!
Zut! – Damn! Blast!

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    Vingt dieux, or as my grand-father would say "cré fid'garce" (= sacré fille de garce :eek:, saying that even when I was an innocent little girl), impressive list!