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Discussion in 'Themed Lists' started by Adimine, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Adimine Senior Member

    English - United Kingdom
    Hi everyone, could I ask for everyone to put up opinion phrases in French? I always seem to be short of them, and I need to use them in my French essays. Here is my list of ones I can think of now
    je pense que
    je crois que
    à mon avis
    je suis d'avis que
    d'après moi
    en ce qui me concerne
    je suppose
    selon moi
    je trouve que
    j'opine que

    Ok that's it! I'm sure there must be loads of other people looking for this type of phrase as well. Thanks everyone!

    Moderator note: This thread is to invite suggestions for and discussions about these terms ready to make a full list. Later they will be placed in the "themed lists sub-forum".
  2. Gentiléen Senior Member

    Gentilly & Vendée
    "j'opine que" me semble bizarre.
  3. Adimine Senior Member

    English - United Kingdom
    I think I know what you mean, a French assistant at my school said that opiner kind of means to nod your head in agreement, he laughed and described it as 'cute' and crossed it out in my essay, saying to keep it for orals. What do you think?
  4. joleen

    joleen Senior Member

    french / france
  5. pyan

    pyan Senior Member

    Vendée, France
    English, UK, London
    Je considère (quelquechose) comme... ? (Very tentatively...)
  6. Rageneau

    Rageneau Senior Member

    Pays du Soleil Levant
    England/ ENGLISH English
    It may be a bit to ask, but it would help me enormously if we could put (+ subjonctif/indicatif) next to each! After all, that's the trouble with impersonal expressions!

    My two cents/ mon grain de sel:

    Il me semble incontestable que + indicatif
    Nombreux sont les gens qui soutiendraient que + indicatif
    Je suis convaincu(e) que + indicatif
    Il me semble clair que + indicatif

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