Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture

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Should "discussion" be removed? Because "On quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture" shares the same meaning with "Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture."

Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture

ABSTRACT The quantum entanglement is a new discovery of modern physics and has drawn a widely attention in the world. After learning the quantum entanglement, the authors have found that many characteristics of quantum are reflected in TCM, acupuncture theory and clinical practice.


A Chinese "paper" (written in Chinese) (Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing university of CM, Beijing 100700,China)
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    As a very general principle you normally aim to use as few words as possible in headlines and titles.

    In the case of scientific papers, which I assume that one is, it's reasonable to indicate that the contents form a basis for discussion or are the results of a discussion of the topic rather than, say, the results of a questionnaire survey or whatever. I can't tell whether that's why they've used it without reading the whole thing, which I can't be bothered to do (and it wouldn't mean anything to me, anyway. :rolleyes:).
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