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    I keep coming across lots of words ending in -ing used in French. Most of them are borrowed from English and have the same meaning. However, some are used differently (e.g. le brushing, le dressing,le pressing etc) and some are invented by francophones themselves! (e.g. Le dancing, le fooding etc). We can translate the last two examples into English with French expressions! (Le dancing = Palais de danse, Le fooding = belle cuisine). Here is the list I have compiled so far. Can anyone add anything to this list? Please check my translations.

    L’aquaplaning (m) = aquaplaning
    Le booking = booking, reservation
    Le bowling = bowling alley
    Le brushing = blow-dry
    Le building = large modern building (e.g. a block of flats or offices)
    Le camping = camp site
    Le camping-car = camper van
    Le caravanning = caravanning
    Le dancing = palais de danse, dance hall
    Le dressing = built-in wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe
    Le dumping = dumping
    Le fooding = belle cuisine, the art of eating and cooking well
    Le footing = jogging
    Le forcing = pressure
    Le jogging = jogging / tracksuit
    Le jumping = horse jumping
    Le karting = go-carting
    Le leasing = leasing
    Le lifting = face-lift
    Le living = living room, sitting room, lounge
    Le lobbying = lobbying
    Le mailing = publicity mail shot
    Le marketing = marketing
    Le mobbing = moral harassment, persecution
    Le parking = car park
    Le planning = plan, planning, schedule, programme | production specifications (business)
    Le pressing = dry-cleaners, dry-cleaning
    Le rafting = rafting
    Le shampooing = shampoo
    Le shooting = photo shoot
    Le sleeping = sleeping-carriage (on a train)
    Le smoking = dinner jacket, tuxedo
    Le sponsoring = sponsoring, sponsorship
    Le standing = deluxe, high quality
    Le string = G-string
    Le surbooking = over-booking, over-reservation
    Le time sharing = time sharing, time share (holiday accommodation)
    Le timing = timing
    Le training = track suit
    Le travelling = travelling platform (i.e. dolly for camera shots in film making)
    Le trekking = trekking
    Le Viking = Viking
    Le yachting = yachting
    Le yearling = yearling horse
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  2. DearPrudence

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    Congratulations everyone. :thumbsup:
    And just to add that "un jogging" also means "a tracksuit"
    un ring : a boxing ring
  3. Lilla My Senior Member

    But why Viking ? :confused:
    It's the name of a people and has nothing to do with english...
  4. Grop

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    Oui viking ne vient pas spécialement de l'anglais. Il y a d'autres mots en -ing qui ne semblent pas venir de l'anglais: poing et coing par exemple.

    Notons que shampooing se prononce comme poing ou point et ne rime donc pas avec bowling. Du moins pas chez moi.
  5. pyan

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    Le zapping translation:
    Is this the actual machine, the remote control, called the zapper?
    Or is it the acting of changing channel, called zapping?
  6. DearPrudence

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    Le zapping translation:
    is it the acting of changing channel, called zapping? :tick: It's called "channel surfing", isn't it?

    Is this the actual machine, the remote control, called the zapper? :cross:
    It's called "la télécommande", or colloquially "la zappette"
  7. Behane Senior Member

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    le relooking - a makeover
  8. Forodio Member

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    faire du baby-sitting means to baby-sit
    Unless you are only looking for nouns
  9. jhwhelohim New Member

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    Quelle est la difference entre le breakdance et le breakdancing?
  10. jhwhelohim New Member

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    Has anyone heard of "le walking closet" for a walk-in closet? I landed on that word a couple times today as I was looking at how "le dressing" is used. What's interesting is to note that phonetically there is very little difference, but since ing endings have become so popular, the ing ending is more appealing than the in ending.
  11. jhwhelohim New Member

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    le mushing en est un autre.

    Mise à jour OK :tick:
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  12. Wynn Mathieson

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    Simple erreur de frappe sans doute dans beaucoup de cas, mais l'attraction de la terminaison « -ing » est tellement forte que l'on voit assez souvent, même dans les textes français les plus « élevés », Foreing Office au lieu de Foreign Office :


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