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- ayoye! (quebecois) ouch!

- ouache! (quebecois) yuck! bleah!

- ouais! (quebecois) yeah! (esp. by teenagers, and said with a sigh, i.e., yeah,
I'll take out the garbage!

- oop-a-li (quebecois) oops!
  • this list is a very good idea.
    hein ?
    pas de quoi !
    la paix
    la ferme = shut up

    mise à jour ok :tick:
    tu parles!
    j'ai envie d'ecrire plus mais les mots sont des grands mots:D

    mise à jour ok :tick:
    d'accord, voyons...

    Bof. = Whatever or Who cares.
    Hein? = Huh?
    Remarque... = Look (here) or Listen (here)
    Pas de quoi = No big thing or Don't worry about it
    Zut = Dang (it) or Darn (it) or Drat (it)
    La paix = Hush up or Lemme alone
    La ferme = Zip it or Shut up
    Tu parles! = Whatever or Get out of here
    Alors = So (what)

    I'd love to know if there is an equivalent for "Bite me".
    remarque, pas de quoi, bite me, la paix, la ferme, tu parles, alors
    ne sont pas des interjections :)
    Je ne sais pas si mes traductions seront correctes, mais j'essayerai
    errr or erm = ben?? (on hésite)
    you know/ y'know = tu sais??
    oh my god = oh mon dieu
    like = sais pas, ce mot est utilisé partout dans leurs diologues, les jeunes
    e.g. it was, like, an amazing trip. le mot ne veux dire rien. c'est juste là.
    Voila, mes efforts!
    Here's the list I've been compiling for a few months now.

    Achoum! – Atishoo! (a sneeze)
    Ah! – Ah!

    Aïe! – Ouch! Ow!
    Alors! – Well!
    Argh! – Argh!
    Badaboum! – Crash!
    Bah! – Pah! Nonsense! Fiddlesticks! Rubbish! My foot! You don’t say so!
    Ben! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
    Berk! – Yuk!
    Beurk! – Yuck!
    Bof! – Hmmm! I don’t know. Not so good.
    Bouh! – Boo!
    Boum boum! – bang bang!
    Ça alors! – Well! Just think of that!
    Chut! – Shhh! Hush!
    Clac! – Smack! Thwack!
    Crac! – Crack!
    Eh! – Eh!
    Eh bien – Well
    Eh bien, alors! – Well, then!
    Eh oui – I’m afraid so
    Euh! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
    Flac! – Splash!
    Glouglou – Glug glug, Gurgle gurgle
    Ha! – Ah!
    Haha! – Ah-ha!
    Ha ha! – Ha ha!
    Hein! – Eh! What?
    Hé! – Hay!
    Heu! – Erm! Err! Um! Uh!
    Hi, hi – Boo-hoo!
    Hic! – Hick! Hiccup!
    Hip! Hip! Hourra! – Hip! Hip! Hooray! (Hurrah!)
    Hmm! – Umph!
    Hourra! – Hooray! Yay! Hurrah!
    Hum! – Umph!
    Ma foi! – Well!
    Miam miam! – Yum yum!
    Mon Dieu! – My God!
    Ô! – Oh!
    Ouah! – Pfworr! Wow!
    Ouf! – Phew!
    Oh là là! - Wow!
    Oh là là là là! – Uh oh! Oh dear!
    Ouille! – Ow! Ouch!
    Ouin! Ouin! – Wah! Wah! (baby crying)
    Pan pan! – Bang-bang! (Gunshot)
    Patati patata – Blah blah blah!
    Patatras! – Crash!
    Peuh! – Poo! (What a stink!)
    Pinpon pinpon– Ner-nah ner-nah (siren on police car, fire-engine, ambulance)
    Pouah! – Poo! (What a stink!)
    Plouf! – Splash!
    Sacrebleu! – Damn!
    Sacredié ! – Damn!
    Sacredieu! – Damn!
    Tac tac! – knock knock!
    Tant pis! = never mind! It can’t be helped!
    Tic-tac – tick-tock
    Toc-toc! – knock-knock!
    Tratata! – Pah! Rubbish! Fiddlesticks!
    Youpi! – Hooray! Hurrah! Goodie!
    Vlan! V’lan! – Whack! Thwack! Slap!
    Zut! – Damn! Blast!
    wow/ ouah that's really good tresley! do you know if there's an equivalent for the filler word 'like' or is that just an american/english thing?
    KittyCatty said:
    like = sais pas, ce mot est utilisé partout dans leurs diologues, les jeunes
    like -> tu sais, souvent abbrégé en t'sais (tic de langage qui traduit d'après moi très bien à 'like' dans ce sens là) :D
    I think "quoi" would be a quasi-equivalent of "like" as used where I'm from, i.e. stuck at the end of phrases without any particular meaning... vous voyez ce que je veux dire quoi?