I'm translating the following sentence into english."au niveau du ministère des classes moyennes..."
I've tow options of translation for the phrase "au niveau du " that is I can translate the sentence in 2 ways.
1/ at the level of the ministry of the middle classes...
2/ as far as the ministry of the midddle classes is concerned...
I am wondering about the difference between the 2 options of translation .that's i want to ask about the impact of each option of translation on the sentence?
Please, help me with some convincing ideas.
Many thanks.
  • massromantic

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    The rest of the sentence would help with the decision, but I am pretty sure #2 is the best answer here. In English "level" is much more literal, and the sense here is just that "au niveau de" introduces a topic for discussion, and isn't really talking about a level of anything.
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