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I'm a beginner to the suave language of French. Please help me so that one day (very soon I hope :) ) I will be able to help others with their French. Well this is my first question....

From the sentence :

'Discussions portant sur la langue française, à rédiger exclusivement en français.'
what does 'portant' mean? I looked it up in the dictionary but I couldn't find the right definition for it. Another thing, why is 'à' in front of 'rédiger'?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
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    "portant" simply means "about","on".

    As for "à", let's say that "rédiger exclusivement en français" would be in English "Answer (or answering, not sure :-( ) in French", and "à rédiger en français" = "to be answered/written in French"

    Hope it could help


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    You can rephrase it that way:
    "Discussions à propos de la langue française. Les messages doivent être écrits seulement en français."
    Hope it helps.


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    je crois que portant="supporting"en anglais?
    Not in this context, it doesn't. :p

    Discussions portant sur la langue française...

    The phrase is taken from the description of the French Only section here on our forums. It means "Disucussions about the French language..."

    It is true that you would need different translations in other contexts (Un homme portant un chapeau = a man wearing a hat, un homme portant son enfant = a man carrying his child, etc) because the verb porter from which this word comes can be used in different ways. :)


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    coolhands8, « porter » means to support, to carry in English, but « porter sur… » means to deal with sth.
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