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according to this forum thread
economic disenfranchisement

Disenfranchisement is a term that comes from franchise which literally refers to "freedom", but in particular means the ability to vote for one's government. To be disenfranchised, in this case, means to be excluded from having a vote or a say in how the country or community is run.
Economic disenfranchisement, therefore, means to be excluded from the process of creating or distributing wealth: the loss of access to employment, credit, funding; the inability to trade or start a business, etc.

So, in my humble opinion you should translate it in italian not only as "Revoca di una licenza", but also as "Perdita di un diritto".
  • Thank you for this suggestion. @MünchnerFax you might change the translations in Italian if you see fit, but I think the English sense we have is more general and covers both of these meanings.