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Christopher Heard

In metal forming or metal bashing there is a technique called dishing into a sandbag. Here the meaning of the verb is to make something into the form of a dish (the shape of a piece sliced from a hollow sphere) and in particular by hammering a metal sheet into a sandbag. Any ideas - car body repair shops should be familiar with the process and I suspect there are differing translations in different countries. The mexican translation would be fine for me. If it weren't for the stay inside instructions, I could just go down the street to a nearby bodyshop and ask.
  • Christopher Heard

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    A heavy (as in it weighs a few kilos) well-known dictionary translates dishing as "formar un concavidad en" which is true but is really a long-winded explanation rather than a everyday term used in the business of sheet metal forming. I am sure that there must be a better concise expresion that is widely used in the trade.
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