Dislike the weather

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  1. parbr2 Senior Member

    UK English

    I am wondering which is better in French:

    N'aime pas les conditions météo
    or N'aime pas le temps

    Context: Question is asked: Why did you leave XX city?
    Answer:Dislike the weather.

    Thanks in advance for any other suggestions or comments
  2. lwa Member

    French - France
    Q: Pourquoi avez vous quitté XXX?
    R: À cause du temps.

    Both of those you said are correct but not of the same register of speech, "N'aime pas le temps" pronounces like "N'ai pas le temps" and can be ambiguous when spoken.
  3. johnblacksox Senior Member

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    Iwa, that's interesting!

    If I were to say "N'aime pas le temps", you would definitely be able to hear the "m" in "aime". Is that because I'm not a native/fluent speaker?
  4. lwa Member

    French - France
    If the query was for a poll, "Je n'ai pas le temps (time)" can be a more frequent answer than "Je n'aime pas le temps (weather)" ;) I wouldn't be sure someone heart the "m" sound, which I would merge with the nearby "p" sound, so I would add things or change the phrasing to lift the ambiguity. It may also depend on the regional accent, I think in south of France the "m" would be more pronounced.

    In written register, as the question as in the passé composé, the answer would be "N'ai pas aimé le temps, le climat, la météo..."
  5. johnblacksox Senior Member

    English - US
    Great, thanks for explaining!
  6. parbr2 Senior Member

    UK English
    Merci bien - oui effectivement vous avez raison.

    Dans mon cas, la réponse est écrite donc la confusion ne sera pas vraiment aussi marquée que pour une réponse en vive voix...

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