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    When I looked up this word in lingee, there was only one translation and it simply translated it as "dislipoproteinemia", in other words it didn´t really change except for becoming uncountable. I can´t find it anywhere else. I understand it as being a term for limpid abnormalitites. But is this the correct term in English? Here is the context:

    Las dislipoproteinemias son alteraciones del metabolismo intermediario que constituyen factores de riesgo de eventos cardiovasculares como el infarto del miocardio o los accidentes cerebrovasculares, y constituyen una de las causas más importantes de morbimortalidad en el Perú, para cuyo tratamiento se utilizan diversos procedimientos terapéuticos que se inician con prácticas higiénicodietéticas como la dieta y la actividad física.
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    Hola. Creo que es "dyslipoproteinemia".
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    Dyslipoproteinemia(s) is correct. The prefix dys-[Greek dys- bad, abnormal, difficult, defective, impaired] . The prefix dis- [Latin de down from, away from, from, off, opposite of, not, deprive of]

    Ref: http://www.macroevolution.net/biology-prefixes-d.html#.Ur8HmbRc9TE

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    Thank you both.

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