disminuidos psíquicos y minusválidos

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    Estoy traduciendo un plan de estudios sobre enfermería. Ha resultado sumamente complicado porque no hay párrafos ni frases completas... Quisiera poder proveerles más contexto para orientarlos, pero lamentablemente sólo hay subtítulos... y no tengo ninguna otra fuente de referencia... Pero quisiera preguntarles qué piensan sobre este subtítulo:

    La enfermera frenta a los disminuidos psíquicos y minusválidos

    Mi intento es:

    The nurse vs. psychologically diminished and disabled patients

    De antemano agradezco cualquier sugerencia/comentario/corrección que tengan al respecto. ¡Muchas gracias!
  2. Bill Osler

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    I need a little help thinking about this. Is "frenta a" correct? I don't find it in any of the dictionaries I have consulted. On the other hand, if it is supposed to be "frente a" then I would be inclined to question a literal translation. Since you said that these are headings in an outline it is hard to be sure but nursing programs are likely to discuss "The nurse's response to emotionally or physically impaired patients" or "Nursing care of disabled or psychologically impaired patients". You really cannot translate it without clarifying what it means in the original language.
    Also, I am not sure about disminuidos psíquicos y minusválidos but I AM fairly sure that an educational outline (at least in the US) would not say "vs." in this context because that makes nursing care sound adversarial, and from what I've seen nursing education normally presents nurses as caring/nurturing/assisting workers. An outline might say "The nurse confronted with ..." but it would not have the sense of "confrontation" so much as "finding oneself in a challenging situation".
  3. ladyly Senior Member

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    Wow! Your explanation is exactly what I needed in order to get the whole picture... I'm amazed!!! You've been VERY helpful!!! Everything makes so much sense now... Thank you very, very much!!! (Regarding "frenta", I think it's a "typo"... you'd be surprised of how many of them I've found in the original text). I truly appreciate your prompt and wise response!
  4. -CAIN- Senior Member

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    The original spanish sentence is not correct, so I can't imagine the context.
    You may say
    - "La enfermera enfrenta a los disminuídos síquicos y minusválidos", is like to say that the nurse confronts the patients.
    - "La enferemera frente a los disminuídos síquicos y minusválidos", is like to say that the nurse is in front of the patients (standed or sat, looking them, etc).

    As Bill said, we only use vs. in Spanish for a match (like box or fight).

    In addition, the word síquico or psíquico (both are correct) is only used for persons that have skills like to know what the other persons are thinkig, to predict the future, to talk with spirits, etc.

  5. ladyly Senior Member

    Spanish - United States
    You're absolutely right! I agree with both of you... as a matter of fact, the moment I wrote "vs." I knew it was "ackward"... it just didn't sound right... But, not trying to use it as an excuse, what threw me off was the Spanish version... the original text didn't make sense at all (11 pages)... Anyway, I've already submitted my work, but I used "The nurse's response to emotionally or physically impaired patients", as Bill suggested... Thanks to both of you for your valuable help!!!

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