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"The warrant for Captain Watson's arrest is politically motivated and should be dismissed."

Le mandat d'arrêt contre le Commandant Watson est politique et doit être abandonné.

Est-ce correct?

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    I find "dismissed" very odd here; I've never heard of a warrant being dismissed. Where I'm at (in Canada) it would be quashed. Google tells me the same is true in the US (as I suspected), and they even have "quash motions" for warrants, and "quash warrant hearings".

    Searching at http://www.canlii.org/en/ca/scc/ for recent Supreme Court of Canada (bilingual) judgments containing quash warrant:

    Original English:
    "The appellants applied to quash the warrant and assistance order."
    "Les appelants ont demandé l’annulation du mandat et de l’ordonnance d’assistance."

    Original certainly French:
    Celle‑ci accueille la requête et annule en totalité l’ordonnance de blocage et les mandats spéciaux de saisie.
    The Superior Court granted the application and quashed the restraint order and special warrants of seizure in full.

    However, if "dismiss" is really used in the English, you might want to use the standard French term for dismissing an action, an application, etc.: rejeter. "Dismiss" is the term being used here, apparently by Watson:
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    "The charges can be dropped by Costa Rica BUT Germany does have the peer to set me free and to reject the extradition demand like other countries did. Interpol dismissed the arrest warrant as politically motivated. Only Germany decided to go forward so Germany does have the power to simply dismiss the arrest warrant."

    Since the terminology is presumaby German in the first place, and the case is being written about in English by someone who isn't actually a lawyer in any language ... I dunno, rejeter may be the safest/most general choice.


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    Thanks so much to both of you, and for such a detailed and interesting answer Living Tree!
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