1. DOB_BY Senior Member

    UK, English
    I want to say:

    the woman dismissed herself with a laugh

    Would it be appropriate to use écarter and simply say:

    la femme s'écarta avec un rire?
  2. DOB_BY Senior Member

    UK, English
    I mean in terms of she laughed at herself for what she had just said:

    sIf you dismiss someone with a laugh it usually means you choose to ignore what they've said or you treat it as if it's not a worthwhile comment

    So she dismissed herself (what she has just said as being stupid) with a laugh
  3. Jasmine tea

    Jasmine tea Senior Member

    Corsica, France
    French - France
    Elle s'est rattrapée...
    Elle s'en est sortie / s'est tiré d'affaire ...
    Son rire est venu masquer l'effet de sa remarque...?

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