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Hey guys, this is a werid question:

In the T.V programme "Star Treck" the captain might hold a meeting.. afterwhich she might say "dismissed" meaning that she wants everyone to go and do what she has just asked, I have asked numerous people this same question but nowone seems to be able to answer :confused:, I have an idea of what could be possible - "sácaos" - but people have told me this doesnt seem right?? any help will be hugly appreciated. Dan
  • laydiC

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    dismiss [dɪs'mɪs] verbo transitivo
    1 (una idea) descartar: the manager dismissed all of our ideas, el director descartó todas nuestras ideas
    (una reivindicación) rechazar
    Jur desestimar
    (un caso) sobreseer: the case was dismissed, el caso fue sobreseído
    2 (a un empleado) despedir
    3 dejar ir o mandar retirarse: you're dismissed, puede marcharse
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