dispenses with the pretense of openness altogether


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Sometimes the IMF dispenses with the pretense of openness altogether and negotiates secret covenants.

I don't understand this sentence, can you reformulate it?
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    Franzi's paraphrase is excellent. For some added information:

    dispenses with = does away with, eliminates

    "Let's dispense with the formalities." = "Let us skip over/eliminate the process of going through the formalities."

    Acting within this realm of authority, the early church dispensed with the law of tithing. It did not cancel the underlying principle that we should be generous toward God.

    Click on the underlined word for the definition of pretense.
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    Thank you; however, I don't understand why you put "normally" in the beginning of the sentence.
    That was because you asked me to rephrase the entire thing. If the IMF "sometimes" does one thing then, the rest of the time, it does something else.
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