display driver stopped responding


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Whenever I want to post a thread in the WRF the display freezes for some moments and I get the notification (see the pic attached).

Any suggestion (on why it happens and how to get away from it).

  • mkellogg

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    That is strange. The forums should not have any effect on the graphics display driver of your computer. We show a few images, but there is no video. My only suggestion is to take that error message and search the internet for causes.


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    What operating system and what navigator are you using, and which versions ?
    My system is dual OS.

    Windows 8.1 Pro
    Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

    I just checked it out I have no problem on Linux. The problem just happens on Windows. I used to have Windows 10, no problem on that either, but for some reason I downgraded from 10 to 8.1.

    Firefox on both.
    Firefox (Windows) 103.0.1
    Firefox (Linux) 102.0


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    It may be that your downgrade caused a compatibility issue. Try upgrading to 103.0.2 or using a different browser.