1. swati New Member


    I am actually writing an essay about job selection, and I can t find the good word to translate "disponibilite", dans le sens: la disponibilite qu'un emploi laisse pour s'occuper de ses enfants, par exemple.

    Would you use the word "availability"?

    Thank you very much

  2. floise Senior Member

    Hi Swati,

    I suggest 'free time'.

  3. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    Temporary leave of absence
  4. swati New Member

    what would that mean exactly? Is it a general or a very precise term?
    I think free time is maybe a good solution here...
    Many thanks!
  5. Franglais1969

    Franglais1969 Senior Member

    English English, français rouillé
    A "leave of absence" is when somebody takes time out of a job. For example, to travel the world, or to raise children. The intention is that they will return to the company within a set time, (usually 6 months to a year).
  6. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    disponibilité is a formal term in the professional world. I found this in Petit Robert:Situation administrative de certains fonctionnaires écartés provisoirement de leurs fonctions, mais qui conservent leur grade, leur droit à la retraite.
  7. swati New Member

    Thanks! I think that free time suits more to waht I meant, as I was just talking about the time you have at home when you come back of work every day, and not of official measures...
    Many thanks for your precious help! And thanks for the Robert definition!

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