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Administrative services managers generally work in comfortable offices. Managers involved in contract administration and personal property procurement, use, and disposal may travel between their home office, branch offices, vendors' offices, and property sales sites. Also, facility managers who are responsible for the design of workspaces may spend time at construction sites and may travel between different facilities while monitoring the work of maintenance, grounds, and custodial staffs. However, new technology has increased the number of managers who telecommute from home or other offices, and teleconferencing has reduced the need for travel.

Source: http://www.collegegrad.com/careers/manag02.shtml

WR Dictionary says:
disposal /dɪˈspəʊzəl/ n
  • the act or means of getting rid of something
  • placement or arrangement in a particular order
  • a specific method of tending to matters, as in business
  • the act or process of transferring something to or providing something for another
  • the power or opportunity to make use of someone or something (esp in the phrase at one's disposal)
Does it really mean (getting rid of something) in my text? Can it mean selling or not?

Thank you
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    Of course it can mean to sell. It can also mean to gift, donate, etc. - any act by which a real estate gets alienated.


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    Dunno, man. :D

    However, "procurement, use and disposal" sounds to me like the three basic things we can do with any property - we acquire it, then we use it and, finally, we get rid of it.


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    I have the greatest difficulty in understanding this kind of bureaucratic gobbledygook, and I'm a native speaker (of English, not gobbledygook). Boozer's opinion sounds very good to me (he might have a PhD in gobbledygook for all I know).
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