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  1. aplomb Member

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    "The company wants to dispose off the equipment."

    Is this sentence correct.
    Iam confused whether it is dispose of or dispose off as I see a lot of sentences that use dispose off. But when I searched I could just find that dispose of is the phrasal verb that should be used. Please help.

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  2. cycloneviv

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    Yes, "dispose of" is the correct way to say it.

    They could also "sell off" the equipment. "Dispose of", in this case, means "get rid of".

    The WR dictionary says:

    1 dispose of

    deal with or settle; "He disposed of these cases quickly"
  3. aplomb Member

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    Hi cycloneviv,

    Can you tell me if 'dispose off' is used at all or not? Are there any instances when we use 'dispose off'?
  4. cycloneviv

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    I can't think of any way to use "dispose off". It's not correct at all, as far as I can see.

    I just did a Google search and quite a few results came up, however all of the usages on the first three pages of results looked to me to be mistakes, where the writer should have said "dispose of". A couple of those results were from Indian newspapers, so perhaps it is a common misuse in India. It would be considered an error here.
  5. aplomb Member

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    Thank you very much Cycloneviv.
  6. ONOELOO New Member

    Dispose off is taught in India to mean: get rid of
    not dispose of.
  7. cyberpedant

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    You have made a statement. What is your question?
  8. sound shift

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    "Dispose of" means "get rid of".
    "Dispose off" does not mean "get rid of".
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    I have merged ONOELOO's thread with an earlier thread that is on this same topic. I hope the answers are useful, but if you still have questions, you're welcome to ask them here.

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