disposes of munitions abandoned during the second world war


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Officials at Fujita, the construction company that employed the men, said they were inspecting a potential construction site for a plant that would process abandoned chemical weapons. Fujita built a similar plant in Nanjing that disposes of munitions abandoned by the Japanese army during its occupation of China, the company said in a press release. ---taken from the NYT

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Since the action of the store of munitions had finished, should disposes be disposed? Thanks.

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    Why do you think the action has finished, LQZ? I would read disposes as meaning that the disposal continues. The munitions were abandoned during the Second World War, but they could still be turning up all over the place....

    EDIT: by the way, "dispose of" means "get rid of", not "store":).
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    Disposing of doesn't mean storing, it means eliminating like disposing of nuclear waste. So, probably the plant is still disposing of or the verb hints to the common use of this kind of plants, what they are used for.
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