1. frenchcorina New Member

    Canada French
    Can someone tell me how to translate in French the word 'disposition' in the following sentence?
    The Company will render a decision on the disposition of investigations where violations have been found to have occured.
    La société prendra une décision sur les enquêtes à mener (??) s'il a été établi qu'il y a eu infraction.
  2. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French

    "la mise en oeuvre", "le déroulement"
  3. miyamoto_musashi

    miyamoto_musashi Banned

    Beach Toronto
    Canada, English
    I would propose "la remise", as it makes sense to decide after the investigations have been made and handed in.
  4. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French
    "remise" for disposition? Doesn't here the word "disposition" mean the way the investigations should be led?
  5. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    "Disposition" here means the steps taken after investigation in order to correct any problem [violation]. So the meaning of your sentence is:

    The Company will decide what steps to take [need to be taken] where investigations show violations to have occurred. La société décidera sur les mesures nécessaires à prendre si les enquêtes démontrent qu'il y a eu infraction.

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