Dissertation title: {Motivation of employees / Employee motivation} as an effective element ...

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Please help translating master's dissertation title.

Are any of these correct?

(Motivation of employees or) (Employee motivation) as an effective element of business management, the case of a pharmaceutical company.


Employee motivation as an effective element of business management, illustrated with an example of pharmaceutical company.
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    I don't really see an element as something that can be effective. I believe it's better with "an important/crucial element".

    Dissertation titles often follow guide lines issued by the university. Sometimes there's a title and a subtitle, separated by a colon. You normally capitalise lexical words.

    Your title could look like this:

    Employee Motivation as an Important Element of Business Management:
    A case of a Pharmaceutical Company


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    Employee Motivation as an Important Factor in Business Management:
    [A] Case Study of a Pharmaceutical Company


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    There is a general preference for noun + noun compounds in English, unless these lead to ambiguity or problems for processing. As you can see, others have indicated that 'Employee motivation' is favoured.
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