distance and time are the proof of loyalty

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    Hello, Angel ZZ. What are you trying to say? It certainly sounds possible, and I think I know what you are trying to say. But I don't like guessing. :) What does it mean to you? Can you tell me in other words?


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    I want to say it to someone...
    what i should use..?


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    Do you mean that people will know if they are really loyal once they have traveled away and spent some time apart from the people they love?

    Mr. Jones thinks he loves Ms. White. However, he won't really know if this is true until he is far away. Also, he needs to spend some time apart from Ms. White to make sure his love is real.

    Does that sound right, Angel?
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    Mmm ... I'm not sure distance and time are the proof of anything. I would be more inclined to say that Distance and time are the true test of loyalty.
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