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I doubt in using the appropriate proposition for the adjective "distressed"! Is there such a possibility to be distressed "with" someone due to a special activity or for example a work they have done or a even word which they have said? Here I am giving an example; I wonder if you correct my sentence and indicate wich one of the bold words inside of the parentheses is useable here :)

Example: His sarcastic remarks burn one up! Because of the words which he said last night, Dina was a bit distressed "with / at / by" him.
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    In your example, it must be "distressed by."

    "I doubt in" makes no sense; should be "I have doubts about." The word is "preposition," not "proposition.


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    No; a person is not distressed with someone else. They can be distressed by something the person said, or distressed over the confrontation with the person, or distressed at the prospect of having to confront them.

    In your example, you could say: "Diana was a bit distressed by the words he said last night."

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