Distribución de utilidades

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    Alguien sabe como traducir "distribución de utilidades" este término corresponde a las utilidades que se distribuyen al final del ejercicio de una actividad económica de una sociedad

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    Supongo que puedes decir "Profit Sharing" pero no estoy seguro
  3. Gabino

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    Something like profit distribution, but wait for a native translator
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    No hablo espanol muy bien. I will explain what these terms mean and how they work in the US. Other countries may be different.

    Profit sharing - Refers to employee benefits. Profit sharing is an incentive (above regular salary and benefits) to employees of a corporation where they receive payments if the company earns a profit. This is usually paid with the company's stock and added to the employees' retirement plan.

    Dividend - Refers to investments. When a corporation earns a profit, some of the profit may be paid to the shareholders (someone who owns stock/shares in that company) as a dividend. In the US, dividends are usually calculated every three months and is usually paid in cash. Go to es.wikipedia.org, and search for dividendo

    Profit Distribution - Refers to companies. How a company divides its profits. When a company earns a profit, it can choose to split the extra money many different ways. Some examples are, paying dividends, profit sharing, buying new equipment or other assets, or saving it. What a company decides to do with its profits is called Profit Distribution.
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    Thansk y'all

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